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The renaissance of the Graylingwell Chapel organ continues…

If you can imagine the most difficult Christmas puzzle – a 1,000-piece image of a bowl of brussel sprouts – you will have an idea of the challenge that lies in front of the wonderful French team that have taken on the Graylingwell Chapel Organ. They have kindly provided us with an update on their restoration project that we wanted to pass on to you all, along with some wonderful images.

The wonderful team in Jugon, led by the enchanting Yann Drezet, who dismantled and collected the organ earlier this year, have completed the build of the frame in situ. This has allowed them to move on to the checking of each of the pipes, one by one, to check them for any issues or repairs needed.  A slow and meticulous process.  Furthermore they have opened the windchest and begun cleaning the interior.

The organ will sit upon a beautifully constructed platform in pure oak that the mayor of Jugon has commissioned a carpenter to create as a bespoke item. The parts for this will arrive in January and begin to be built out in February. From that moment the team will wind the air tank, the wind chests and the first pipes.

News of this wonderful, and careful restoration being so lovingly undertaken is being shared amongst the finest of organists, including the organist of Notre Dame and that of Saint Roch in Paris who attended a concert close to Yann’s home, providing the opportunity for such a story to be told.

We will be sure to keep you informed as the build continues and look forward to the day we can share images of the wonderful instrument fully restored in all its glory.