Community Garden

Keepers Green, Chichester

Hill Construction have laid out a garden site at the north-east corner of the cricket pitch at Keepers Green. The final layout has been agreed and the garden is due to be completed by Hill with compost and soil in the spring of 2020. The site has hard standing and is surrounded by sturdy iron railings and is ideal for raised beds. Raised beds have many advantages for plant cultivation. The numbers of weeds are much reduced, the potential for destruction caused by parasites and invasive creatures can be managed very effectively, yield per square foot or metre of cultivated soil can be enhanced and easy access reduces effort and potential back pain for gardeners. 

Garden membership will be open to all residents of Roussillon Park, Graylingwell Park and Keepers Green and the goals for this garden are to produce mainly edible plants but also ornamental flowers and shrubs using methods that are low maintenance, organic, eco-friendly and fun for all ages and levels of ability.

Goals for Keepers’ Green Community Garden

1. Produce edible plants  Many edible plants can be grown in raised beds. For some, the height of the bed can be a positive advantage, for example, with carrots a high bed can reduce the risk from carrot fly which normally operate at a height of 18” from the ground. Some, which require large amounts of soil (for example, artichokes, asparagus and rhubarb) need special treatment but can still be grown this way.

2. Grow ornamental flowers and shrubs Ornamental flowers and shrubs provide a pleasant background in which to enjoy the garden as well as forage for bees.

3. Low Maintenance By their very nature raised beds are easier to maintain. By providing natural drainage they also lend themselves to installing an automatic watering system.

4. Organic Organic fertilisers and soils and organicmeans for controlling pests will be used.

5. Eco friendly Means will be provided to collect garden and kitchen waste and deliver to the raised beds using worm tubes. Other recyclable materials may also be collected and used for lasagne planting.

6. High yield The better control of pH, aeration of the soil and techniques to maximise soil area (arc construction and mounding) in combination with planting strategies such as interplanting means very high yields can be obtained for the space used.

7. Children and disabled access friendly Raised beds can be built to suit the height needed, low to suit children, and high to suit people who cannot bend, are confined to wheelchairs, or have any physical disability.

8. Creative and fun Whilst raised beds can be built out of any traditional building material virtually any type of container can be used to build a raised bed. Competitions will be held to locate and install unusual containers such as, for example, old baths.

Community Garden

For more information and to register your interest, contact: / 01243 537526