About us

We help communities to create bright futures. We own and manage community buildings and land, safeguarding these important spaces for community use. We enable connection, opportunity, and cohesion by making inspiration filled spaces that people need to bring a community to life. We believe in establishing great places built for community need. We are ready for business and create local opportunities and people are at our heart – we take the communities point of view.

We work in partnership with local people, other local agencies and stakeholders to improve the quality of life for all residents and the wider Chichester community.

We encourage others by sharing learning and successes.

We provide leadership, support and encouragement for community groups so local people feel empowered to improve their own lives.

We manage projects and initiatives that raise aspirations and create volunteering and job opportunities for our communities.

Our Vision

Helping communities to create bright futures.


To own and manage community buildings and lands, safeguarding these important spaces for community use in perpetuity.

Our Values

Bold – we encourage creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to unlock community talent and support social impact enterprise for all.

Democratic – we enable community-led decision making to represent all needs, regardless of background, wealth or age.

Resilient – we adapt to keep our spaces relevant so that a positive community-spirit can endure.

Can-do – we’re quick to act to make the most of a bright idea or community wish and turn it into a well-executed reality.

Kind – we’re a helpful neighbour, friend, and partner in our wider neighbourhood for the wider benefit.


Chichester Community Development Trust is a charity and company limited by guarantee and was set up in 2009. Differing from many other development trusts, CCDT was established as a requirement of the sale of Graylingwell Hospital to Linden Homes and Affinity Sutton. From its first days CCDT worked hard to represent the needs of the new Graylingwell community, took responsibility for planning and negotiating for community buildings and led on the development of a sustainable community. Thanks to its success in these initial stages, CCDT was asked to represent the new community at Roussillon Park after the sale of the old barracks in 2010 and begin work at the neighbouring Keepers Green in 2019. Since then, Chichester Community Development Trust has ensured the successful completion of numerous  community buildings and delivered many community development projects, events and activities .


Winner Sussex Heritage Trust Award 2023 – Graylingwell Chapel

Winner Dynamic Awards Sussex 2023 Property Person of the Year – Clare de Bathe, CEO

Runner up Dynamic Awards Sussex 2023  – Employer of the year

Runner up London Learning Consortium 2023 – Project of the year

Our work on Creating space for communities use was highlighted in  Central Government as a way to help make new development more vibrant places. Read more here >> 

Our spaces have featured in the media, including the BBC, Sunday Times and local media.