Dancing Beyond

Dancing Beyond

Dance is one of the most free-spirited ways that a child of any age can express themselves.  It is this total freedom of movement that inspired Veronica to develop classes to support boys and girls to gain a sense of self-worth, rhythm and confidence through a number of dance styles including ballet, modern, and musical theatre at CCDT’s Community Hall in Chichester’s Roussillon Park.

As we start to grow many of us seem to forget how to use our bodies. We become increasingly sedentary. Dance & Beyond aims to change that. Veronica believes passionately that dance can enhance life in general and allows children the most liberating expression. The non-competitive nature of the sport empowers boys and girls to take exercise whilst interacting as a team, working together to create performances that delight the audience all the while building the confidence of everyone involved. Everybody has a part to play, each one choosing how involved they are comfortable to be.

“As adults we can become self-conscious,” states Veronica. “Children are still able to embrace the space that they are given and be creative with it. They enjoy the music but go beyond the listening, bringing the sound literally to life. During our lessons we nurture this natural response and harness it with a refined technique based on my years of technical training. In doing so the children’s dancing can evolve and grow to become something increasingly expressive and wonderful. We also offer classes specifically for boys so that they can move without such a sense of self-consciousness.”

Veronica’s skills are substantial, with qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) and it is this expertise across styles that enables her to offer such a wealth of experience. Veronica encourages students not only to a love of dance, but for those who would like it, an opportunity to progress towards exams in their favoured style. 

Parents of the dance students are in firm agreement that the classes benefit their children…

A fantastic dance school – Miss Veronica is talented, professional, patient and loads of fun! She is focussed on ensuring the performers enjoy new experiences, develop confidence and work together to support each other. I have been so impressed – the end of term show was AMAZING!”

Ms Mayne

“My two youngest daughters have been singing and dancing with the wonderful Miss Veronica for a while now, and they absolutely love her! A wonderfully energetic and lively class that gives them freedom to have so much fun, while learning routines that they love, from an always calm, caring and enthusiastic teacher.”

Ms Dudman

To find out more about the classes that are available visit the Chichester Community Development Trust What’s On page here. Veronica is keen that children are able to try out different styles to find just the right one to suit them, and as such offers TWO weeks free trials to experiment with different genres.