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Capture the Moment!!

Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) is laying down a challenge for the people of Chichester – to capture moments from this extraordinary time in our personal and wider history on film.  This can be done through a smart phone or digital camera.  The winning image, chosen by our panel of judges, will receive a well-deserved prize – a bottle of Tinwood sparkling wine for adults, and a £10 Amazon voucher for the victor of the under-16’s category to celebrate their success.

To further challenge the artistic and creative senses of participants, CCDT has asked that all images, in some small or large way, factor in shadow or reflections.  These can be as the central theme to the image or an almost incidental detail that builds on the composition of the image.  The age and expertise of the photographer does not matter – it is open to everybody and is a chance for you to share your masterpieces with the world.  We will be compiling a gallery of entries that will be shared both on our website and via our social media, so don’t be shy – send in your entries.  A maximum of three photos will be accepted from any one individual.

To give you some ideas on how to create interesting shadow indoors on a cloudy day you can watch this video from Shutterstock to give you some ideas. There are also some fantastic ideas on different ways you can use shadows to bring your picture to life here. We also really enjoyed these pictures that factor in reflections – on water, windows or screens, they can really enhance the scene.

Clare de Bathe, CCDT Director commented, “This is a wonderful project that you can undertake indoors or out.  As part of your daily exercise allowance, or if you are isolating in your home, within the boundaries of your house.  The subject can contain people or just objects and landscapes.  The key thing is to have fun with it – let yourself escape the confinement and immerse yourself in capturing the moment, not looking beyond it.  We are so excited to see the results of everybody’s work, and will really enjoy sharing them with all those who follow us.”

For more information or to submit your entry simply email the CCDT team at Deadline for the competition is Sunday 10th May.