Pilates classes on your doorstep!

Pilates classes on your doorstep!

Roussillon Park Community hall is perfect for a Pilates class, the hall is modern, clean, and airy with comfortable space for 10-12 people, there is a lovely warm atmosphere and the classes are always friendly.

You can come to a class with Andrea from Chichester Pilates on Tuesday 7.30pm, Thursday 1pm or Thursday 7.30pm.

Bring a mat and wear clothes you can move freely all other equipment is provided.

The classes are suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness and incorporate exercises to improve physical strength and flexibility.

After an initial free class, you pay £40 for 5 tokens, you use the tokens to come to the classes that suit you, only paying for classes you attend and without the need to book.

For more information see the website chichesterpilates.com or contact Andrea 07747806181