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When the park was initially designed this play area was created, and planning permission granted, for it to be an open space, inviting not just young children but older ones as well, ensuring that young people and teenagers felt they had somewhere to call their own.  It was designed to be open, with no perimeter fence so that it could be an integral part of the park, feeling open and welcoming, rather than somewhere fenced off, and enclosed.  This planning decision was made with the fact that there is a nearby, gated playground on Chapel Green in mind, ensuring there was a choice for families in what they would prefer. This is part of the planning permission granted in 2009 and 2014 

We own and manage the play area and Trim trail at Havenstoke Park, the play area at Keepers Green and Chapel Green. We do not own or manage any other play equipment.

The bins are emptied weekly, as per our maintenance contract as standard. .  We would ask those using them to be respectful that these are public bins and not intended for the larger scale depositing of residential rubbish.

For health & safety reasons we have been forced to close one of the gates to the playground on Chapel green.  This is to prevent risk of injury or damage to the building site as the development work is carried out at Graylingwell Chapel.  There remains an open and functioning gate at the other side of the playground to the chapel providing all families with easy access to the site.  On completion of the chapel works the second gate will again be re-opened. 

Whilst we fully appreciate that a vast majority of dog owners using Havenstoke Park do so entirely responsibly, we would urge all dog owners to adhere to a responsible policy of picking up their dog’s poo after them.  Having very recently taken on ownership of Havenstoke Park and Keepers Green CCDT is working to increase signage around the area to encourage more responsible behaviour from the few who are not collecting up after their dogs, and will be providing poo bags on site to make this as easy as is possible to increase the use of poo bins, and the clearing up after dogs.  Public bins are provided and regularly emptied to allow for the easy disposal of poo bags, and all efforts are being made to reduce this issue.  

We have created a map of the parking options around the Graylingwell Park and Keepers Green sites that can be found here.  All the spaces are paid for parking using the JUST PARK app, that can be downloaded from the App store. You can pay on the phone or via the JUST PARK app. 

This forms part of the planning permission for the homes and prevents cars speeding through the development and it becoming a rat run. Residents or visitors are not able to go through these bollards and they are only used by emergency or essential workers. 

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