How many teens you know want to tackle flippant use of damaging verbal language?

How many teens you know want to tackle flippant use of damaging verbal language?

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Every time we meet up, there is something that makes me admire the young people involved in our youth work programmes.   I’m the Youth Project Coordinator for Chichester Community Development Trust and it is great to see how the young people who come to our clubs develop and create fantastic ideas about how to improve their community. I wanted to share the plans we have and some of the inspiring issues that these youths care about.

Ambassadors – changing the world one project at a time

Our Junior Ambassadors and Youth Ambassadors listen to their communities and organise and deliver social impact projects to better the community for everyone. These programmes have a positive and far-reaching impact on the young people involved, increasing confidence and aspirations. Any young person from Chichester can come along. These activities are youth-led and provide plenty of personal development opportunities.

Youth Ambassadors (12 – 18 year olds)

Our YAs met up to discuss problems that affect their community and services they think are missing.  From this they have chosen their own activities and awareness campaigns

  • The Youth Ambassadors plan to campaign around the flippant use of damaging verbal language both face-to-face and on social media.
  • They believe there are not enough activities that bring youth from all ages together and want to rectify this by organising some activities such as a skate competition.
  • They are also planning activities that will bring those of all ages within the community together in a friendly and welcoming environment, for example a family nature hike.
  • They also intend on exploring and raising the awareness of mental health issues and the effects that stereotyping has in increasing mental health issues.


Junior Ambassadors (8 – 11 year olds) 

With this age group I plan the activities to develop their imagination and creativity, while getting them to try something they’ve never done before. The youths will have a chance to explore and identify activities that they may have a natural flair for and may later take up as their own hobby. The planned activities have also been chosen to help these young people understand the world from a different perspective by connecting emotions and feelings to creative processes. We also plan to highlight Chichester Community Development Trust’s green values by raising their awareness of and contributions to recycling and activities that minimise and reduce people’s environment impact.

Youth Club is so much fun… and more

Youth Club is all about having fun. But for every fun activity, my job is to focus on the opportunities involved for personal development.  And if I do well, my hard work goes unnoticed.

At the start of this term, I discussed with the members of the youth club what they would like to experience.  Their answers guided the planned activities, which will give these fantastic young people the chance to try out something new while also giving them transferable life skills in a fun and judgement-free environment. Some activities aim to give them experience working as team work and problem solving while others will empower the youth to develop their personal initiative in challenging environments, such as being trained in first aid.

If you or a young person you know want to get involved or want more information, please call or email me: or on my work mobile 07739 649 477.

About Casper

I am Youth Project Coordinator for CCDT and responsible for the planning and delivery of a range of youth initiatives, as well promoting these on a weekly basis. Our activities vary and include our Junior and Youth Ambassadors Programmes, which empower youth from the community to deliver social change and positive impact projects while gaining volunteering recognition and personal development. I also manage our youth club which provides a safe space for youth to engage in exciting developmental activities within a welcoming and non-judgemental environment.