How we create a special volunteer thank you hug

How we create a special volunteer thank you hug

We like to make our volunteers feel special: after all they make a huge contribution to the local community and to Chichester Community Development Trust.  So we’ve set up a Volunteer Reward Card voucher system.  A bit like getting your loyalty card stamped at your local café when you pop in for a coffee, each time you donate an hour to CCDT, we stamp your card.  Once the card is full, we treat our much-loved volunteers to a £15 high street voucher.

The sort of volunteering opportunities that are available include running or helping out at the community cafés, leaflet delivery (quarterly) to Roussillon Park and Graylingwell Park, office work, event planning, and help at events such as the Summer Garden Party and Christmas parties.

We thank our volunteers in other ways too throughout the year but we thought that the rewards system will give those who give a lot, something from us to say a heart-felt thank you.

Meet Coral Botteley
Coral is one of our fantastic volunteers.  A local resident, she enjoys being involved in CCDT’s work and kindly gives us hours of her time each month.

Coral’s CCDT volunteering CV includes helping out at the Summer Garden Party (we needed help with event planning, setting up for the day, end of day clear up, goody bag stuffing, sorting electrics etc.), writing the Graylingwell Chapel history booklet, volunteering on the Graylingwell Chapel steering group, attending training days, going on learning visits to different church/chapel projects and hosting the CCDT community get together at the ‘Saturday Café’.  And here’s a top tip for you…if you love cakes, you’ll love Coral’s Saturday Café. Coral is an enthusiastic baker and so head along to The Lodge on the 2nd and 4th Saturday each month to sample her amazing cakes AND to chat to the wonderful Coral!

Meet Emma
Read how volunteering turned Emma’s life around.  Emma had very little confidence but thanks to volunteering landed a fantastic role with CCDT.

Meet Dennis
Dennis –  pictured above when he popped into the office –  kindly helps us deliver the What’s On to all the houses in Graylingwell Park.

Volunteer your time
If you would like to volunteer, please pop into the office (currently we are in a container near the Water Tower) or email, or call 01243 697072.

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