Careline came to the Saturday Café

Careline came to the Saturday Café

On 14th October 2017 I was invited to attend the Saturday Café at The Lodge in Chichester to take Careline leaflets and to talk to anyone popping in that might be interested in a Careline alarm either for  use within the home or our other devices such as GPS alarm and locate units that can be used anywhere outside the home.  Even alarms that you can take on holiday.

I arrived to be met by a lovely lady called Emma.  By the time I had arrived Emma had already set out three tables, one table for me to put my leaflets on and sit with anyone who wanted to speak privately about the services Careline offered.  The other large tables were set out one with cakes and the choice of tea and coffee and a large table for everyone to sit around as they arrived.

There was also another lady who came into help and she had her dog with her, who everyone loved and he became the big talking point.   I don’t think he realised he was a therapy dog without the title!

We sat chatting about the set up and how the Saturday event started and one by one people started to arrive, couples, people on their own and one lady even brought her friend with her who was visiting from Yorkshire.  Emma greeted each one of them and then asked if they wanted tea, coffee and cake!

Emma had advertised that I would be there and so people were dropping in to ask about our equipment and one lady who was already a customer and wanted advice about her keysafe being moved.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and have a good catch up with their neighbours.  There was no social isolation, people were very comfortable walking in because the whole scene was extremely friendly and Emma could help with other queries that came up too.

It is a shame that something like this is not set up in each community especially for people living alone, so that they get to know their neighbours and have somewhere to go to at least one day per week.

I was very impressed by the whole set up, the care, the friendliness and in fact it was one of the most enjoyable ‘mingles’ that I have been to.


By Brenda Jackson, Chichester Careline


Brenda will be visiting the Community Cafe on November 24th. Come and have a chat!

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