Working together to make a big impact

Working together to make a big impact

We were really pleased to get a visit from Nina, a local resident, the other day. She, along with a few of her neighbours, approached us to suggest some changes to the ‘What’s On’. [If you don’t know our What’s On is an A4 document which gives listings of all the amazing activities going on in our community buildings. ]

Nina told us that residents found the What’s On hard work and they often couldn’t wade through the information to find out which events were relevant. Working with Nina, we took these ideas on board and the new look What’s On came out in July.

Nina’s group’s idea was to put the information into sections: community, youth, discover, health and fitness and children and families instead of listing them in date order and bunching together all other regular activities .

We hope that you agree that the new layout makes accessing the information a lot easier. We have also brought this change across to the email newsletter.

We work on behalf of our community, we consult, gain feedback and use this information to deliver projects and services on behalf of our residents and meet their needs.

We wrote an article a little while back about our role in the community as a ‘community anchor’. We think this is a great example of how by working together we can make a bigger and better impact on our community.