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Autumn update on the Community Garden

As the autumn summer shines upon Graylingwell, the Community Garden continues to bloom. 

With a wonderful group of people local to Keeper’s Green keeping it going, the low maintenance, organic, focus of the garden means all ages can enjoy it. We would love to see some more of the younger generation involved, getting their green fingers out, but equally the community that is getting stuck in are growing some great pumpkins, flowers, beans, and fruits. We’re also excited to say that produce of the garden will form a part of the new Autumn menu of soups in the Pavillion as of next week!

The gorgeous ornamental flowers provide some lovely colour and vibrancy to the backdrop of the new cricket pitch, celebrating the history of sport at Graylingwell. In the same way that the physical activity has proved a great tool to help mental health, the garden is something that can both celebrate the agricultural history of Graylingwell and continue to provide mental health support for the Chichester community. The group aid each other, communicate, and chat about whatever they feel. The space allows people to come and go as they wish, and enjoy the environment built around them. 

As the Chichester Community Development Trust has a focus, all round, on sustainability, the garden is a great place to hone in on this aspect. We have established a ‘lasagne planting’ strategy for compost and recycling materials, as well as kitchen and garden waste which allows the gardeners to reuse this for planting, putting otherwise rubbish, to a good use.

The residents have grown corn, tomatoes, apples, beans, and strawberries. This makes the garden a great, ever-growing space for the gardeners to relish in the fruits of their labour and share amongst their fellow gardeners. For just £15 a year you can sign up to be a part of the wonderful gardening community, with access to all the tools and space you could need. 

If you want to be a part of this gorgeous garden, please sign up on our website at or email Angie at