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VE75 – Letter from Chichester Mayor

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May 8th marks the 75th Anniversary of VE day, Victory in Europe...

Although the day was one of celebration that the war was coming to an end and of peace, it is now about remembering the sacrifice made by the troops but also the hardship suffered by the general population.  This obviously has resonance with what is happening now with Coronavirus.  Before lock down, three days of events were planned for VE75 but all have been cancelled and many are deeply disappointed.

There is however we can support this by every household , office and business to fly or display a flag or picture of a flag in their window such  a Union Jack or perhaps from the other allies particularly in the Commonwealth .

It Is suggest they remain for the three days starting on Friday 8th May and finishing on Sunday 10th of May

Why flags? The pictures of VE day have very large displays of flags so it seems appropriate to use flags  as symbol of these earlier  VE events.

Please could you spread the word through your resident association or organisation  as far as possible.  It should welcomed by the residents just as the “Clap for our Heroes” is at the present time

To show their support people like to take a photograph of themselves in front of their flag or display may be even dress up in WW2 outfit or toast that generation who sacrificed so much for us.

Please make this a success. Thank you for all you are doing for the Chichester Community

Best wishes

 Richard Plowman

Mayor of Chichester