The pleasure of volunteering!

The pleasure of volunteering!

It is said that helping others is one of the most effective ways to feel good, and that has been the case for the incredible team of volunteers that support CCDT with their many activities, providing invaluable support to the Trust. Roles range from event support and business mentoring to designing and leading on community projects such as the Community Garden and Men’s Shed.

The act of volunteering serves many purposes beyond those of the vital support provided to charities. It can counter the impact of stress and anxiety, increase confidence, help combat depression, bring real joy, and provide a sense of purpose.  For CCDT the volunteers also form a critical part of the team.   At every stage of the community work advice and support is sought from local residents who give of their time both freely and generously, ensuring that all work undertaken is delivered for the right reason, with real compassion.

For those who might be interested in trying out a volunteering role – however large or small – there are a number of opportunities where help would be invaluable. The main areas where help is currently needed would be:

  • Youth work – with a growing number of programmes being developed for the young people of Chichester we would love to hear from people keen to work in this field. You would have the opportunity to work with incredible organisations such as Sussex Cricket, Everyone Active or Sussex Clubs for Young People.
  • Event support – Take part and get involved in local events, including the unique Magic Lantern show, talks on the history of Graylingwell, or the events currently being planned to mark the ten years of work undertaken by CCDT in spring of next year. In addition to helping you will be given free access to the events and get to feel really involved.
  • Men’s Shed – support the group at it takes it first steps towards becoming a workshop where men of the region can collaborate on community creations or enjoy the facilities to further personal projects. An exciting initiative supported by West Sussex County Council.
  • Community Garden – work with the team of volunteers developing a beautiful, fenced site on Keeper’s Green that will become an outdoor haven for the residents of Graylingwell Park to nurture plants and vegetables for therapeutic pleasures.
  • Be a business mentor – CCDT is running a pilot project to support 20 women in the Chichester district to start up their own business.  If you have years of experience or specialist skills that could support these women as they undertake the immense challenge of entrepreneurship your help would be immensely appreciated.

For further information on any of these or other roles, or to join our vibrant team of volunteers please email CCDT’s Community Development Officer at