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The last piece of the Graylingwell Chapel organ is in place!

After many months of exhausting restoration the organ once made for Graylingwell Chapel is now entirely re-built in Jurgon, France, with the very last pieces put in place to create the most beautiful sound not heard from the instrument for decades.

Having fallen into disrepair due to the lack of use in Graylingwell Chapel the team at CCDT ensured that it could be restored to its former glory where a need existed. The team, led by Yannn Drezet, has not only worked so very hard, but been diligent in their communications, ensuring that the team at CCDT, and the wider Graylingwell community get to enjoy the experience alongside them.

Yann has kindly sent us a recording he has made for us on the day that the organ was finally complete, all parts having once again found their place. Despite the snow, he ventured to the church to place the last element in place and recorded the Breton anthem with all the pipes for us to enjoy. Please do click here to experience the music that brings Yann’s team so much pleasure.

Thank you Yann, and all of your team. Congratulations!