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Take a Little Fika Time

We have a real treat coming for you… We all need to take a little time each day to just pause. Connect with friends or family. Enjoy a delicious coffee or comforting hot chocolate and maybe a little cake (a healthy one of course!). Well that’s exactly what ‘Fika’ (pronounced Fee-kah) is – an important part of the Swedish culture, brought to us by CCDT’s Swedish team member Lina – time taken out each day to just connect, and that’s exactly what we will be enabling you to do very soon.

CCDT has built a beautiful, custom made coffee cart that will serve delicious, fresh teas and coffee in the Pavilion on Havenstoke Park once it’s open.  But we can’t wait that long. So Fika will begin at the Water Tower this autumn.  The coffee cart will serve coffee made from beans freshly ground less than a mile from the Tower itself by a new start-up business ‘Host’.  Better yet, Host founder Becs is so keen to ensure you get the perfect blend for you, the coffees will initially be free, in return for your feedback until the blend is just right. At that time the coffees will be sold for a very reasonable price, helping to fund community projects of the future.

Fika time will be 9-11am every weekday morning from the ground floor of the Water Tower.  Social distancing will be in place with queuing and all precautions will be taken to keep all of our customers safe.    All that is left is for you to get involved.  Play your part by coming along to sample and review the fresh coffee, enjoy a range of teas or hot chocolate or better yet – become a barista!  The cart will be supported by a rota of volunteers, each one trained in the careful art of coffee making and you could join the team. A great opportunity to meet new people and have a little fun.  If you would like to give it a try why not arrange to come along to one of our training sessions. Just message Angie here.

For details of when the Fika coffee cart will be steaming into action please follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or sign up to our newsletter via the website so that you receive notice of when the doors will be opening… it won’t be long!