Putting the spark back into The Lodge

The pictures clearly show the impact of 20 hours of hard graft over 2 days!

It is all thanks to the “Spark Something Good” volunteers from the M&S store in Chichester, who came out in force to help our community building, The Lodge, at Graylingwell Park.

The team of 20 volunteers shovelled gravel, painted the building inside and out, put down anti-slip decking, installed a mud kitchen, cut branches, weeded and spruced up the area.

The impact of this hard work can only be considered in the context of how local people use this community building and also feel about its role in the community.  In the words of locals Emma and Trudy, “The Lodge has been the centre of our community, hosting many different activities that bring the community together, from the IT café which gives IT training and support, to the Youth Club, from our children’s birthday parties, to being an ideal location for a wonderful nursery so local mums can get back to work. We are thrilled with the way The Lodge brings the community together.”

M&S’s good deeds for the local community at Graylingwell Park certainly haven’t gone unnoticed by residents.  CCDT would like to thank Sheila Price and all the M&S volunteer team for transforming The Lodge and providing funding and support to ensure this wonderful community building goes from strength to strength.   You really have sparked something good.

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