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A slice of socially distanced heaven!

We are very excited to announce that there will be a chance to enjoy some of the most delicious, fresh, wood-fired pizza from Oggie’s pizza van, that will be parked in the Lodge car park, on Keeper’s Green, Blomfield Drive (accessible via Kingsmead Avenue… directions available here.)

A chance to enjoy a night off from the kitchen, as well as to stock up on a few store cupboard essentials, as Oggie’s owner Steve has a few items that can be pre-ordered from the van, including flour and eggs. The take away is of course abiding by all the required social distancing regulations, and as such Steve has asked that orders be made by phone in advance – you can call from today, but please do reference that what evening your pizza is for as he is based at other locations on different evenings. Steve will provide you with a collection time to space out the orders and you are asked to maintain 2pm distance at all times.

The range and their prices are:


Mrgherita (£7.50)

Peppers, spinach & mushroom (£7.50)

Pepperoni (£8)

Spicy chicken (£8)

Roast ham & mushroom (£9)

Doughballs (£2)

Soft drinks (£1)


Bread – brown & white (£1.20)

Milk – 2l (£1.20)

Eggs (£1.00)

Penne Pasta – 500g (£1.00)

Long grain rice – 500g (£1.00)

Butter (£1.00)

Plain flour – 500g (£1.00)

To make your order simply phone Steve’s Mobile on 07753858242, and he will get back to you with a delivery time. All payments are to be contactless.