The Pavilion

The Pavillion, Connolly Way, Graylingwell Park, Chichester, PO19 6DA

The Pavilion, previously occupied by Linden Homes as a sales and marketing office, is a great community asset that is due to be handed over to the community and CCDT in 2020. Beautifully nestled within the natural surroundings of Havenstoke Park it has the potential to become a destination venue for food, events, exhibitions, and wedding receptions as well as to deliver wellbeing services, classes and health initiatives.

Our FIKA consultation project (undertaken from January to March 2020) shows a large percentage of residents and local community members wishing to see the old marketing suite developed into a café or a healthcare centre.

Our vision is to deliver a combination of both of these requests, with a clear focus on enhancing the mental and physical health of those who visit. Whilst it cannot provide primary or secondary care, the Pavilion will address the underlying causes of many visitors’ ill-health. For example, those suffering from back pain can come for acupuncture and massage, but also coaching to address stress levels that could worsen the pain. They can learn Pilates to build their core strength as a preventative measure and enjoy inspiring talks in the evening about the value of optimal exercise, diet and lifestyles.

The plan is to transform the glass-fronted side of the building into an open space where exercise classes can be held during the day, providing the sense of wide open space achieved by looking out across the park (whilst retaining modesty through one-way glass filters), and inspirational talks relating to mental and physical health will be delivered in the evenings. The back of the building will be converted into therapy treatment rooms that will provide services from a number of different therapists, providing a wide variety of care from massage and acupuncture to more functional services such as chiropody and osteopathy.

To ensure that mental as well as physical health is cared for, we are keen to create an element of the building that offers a space to connect with others. A small pop-in café at the entry and across the decking offering cakes, coffee, soups and smoothies to nurture the spirit would provide this space. A space to stop and rest and take in the natural beauty of the park; or meet with friends for those just passing by. It will also be a space to pause and savour the therapy or exercise enjoyed in the building, before returning to the hustle of life.

A key aspect of the Marketing Suite will be its accessibility. Too often therapies and exercise classes are the luxury of the well off, whilst those facing financial challenges and perhaps in more need of support are unable to access them. We also find that there is a lack of provision for young people to nurture their mental and physical health. Central to the partnership created with those delivering all therapies, classes and talks will therefore be a requirement to ‘pay it forward’. CCDT will work hard to generate the footfall and customer base to deliver a full schedule of participants, and in return those delivering the services must provide a percentage of their work at a heavily subsidised rate. Those receiving these discounted places will be selected through a referral pathway with partners including Carers UK, Hyde, Clarion, Pathfinder, MacMillans and more to ensure the benefits fall into the right hands.

Would you like to find out more about this exciting project, or be involved in any way, please contact us?