Easter bunny bounds across Graylingwell Park and the surrounding area

Easter bunny bounds across Graylingwell Park and the surrounding area

The children of Little Learners pre-school, usually based in the Lodge at Graylignwell Park, were extremely excited to receive a little Easter surprise into their isolation, out of the blue, last week from some particularly special assistants of the Easter bunny.  Funded by Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT), and organised and managed by Little Learners founder and staff, all the families of the pre-school received a beautiful, colourful bag of crafts, activities and more!

At a time when many families and young people are feeling set apart and disconnected from their usual lives it was so joyful for many to receive an entirely unexpected package of entertainment that kept the little ones busy and having fun.  Funded by grants raised by the CCDT to support young people through the period of isolation and support education programmes the contents helped the pre-school children to continue their learning, through fun and play

Feedback from the families was unanimously positive:

“Thank you [Little Learners] and the Chichester Community Development Trust so much for the goodie bag! My son was thrilled when he saw the bag!! It was such a thoughtful thing to do for the children.  We feel very lucky to be in this community.  Thank you so much!”

“… The children really enjoyed crafting this morning and particularly the crowns!”

“The bag was BRILLIANT!  It must have taken you so much time to fill and deliver them all – we really appreciate it.”

The Easter bags are part of the wider CCDT programme to support those in greatest need during the COVID 19 isolation.  Clare de Bathe, Director of CCDT commented, “We were so pleased to be a part of this project, bringing the children of Little Learners together in a shared activity, whilst remaining in their own home.  It is part of our wider programme of COVID-19 support activities, including the coordination of our team of extraordinary volunteers undertaking practical tasks for the vulnerable members of the Chichester community. The appetite to help and support is relentless and incredibly inspiring to see.”