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Graylingwell Chapel

Graylingwell Park, Chichester, PO19 6YS

Graylingwell Chapel is not currently available for hire. CCDT is planning on restoring the building and converting it into a state-of-the-art, multipurpose community facility.


Graylingwell Chapel was built in 1897 by architect Sir Arthur Blomfield and served as the chapel for Graylingwell Hospital until 2000. The Chapel is located in the heart of the Graylingwell Park development and is situated in close proximity to the current sales office and Havenstoke Park. To the South of the Chapel is Chapel Green, a small area of grass and mature trees. Since 2009 the chapel has been used by the community and faith groups for activities, learning and worship.


As part of the planning agreement with Chichester District Council and the developers, the Chapel will be transferred as an asset to Chichester Community Development Trust.


We are currently working with the developers to design and produce a specification for a heating system and toilet facilities that would result in the Chapel being fit for use by the community. Once ownership has been transferred, CCDT will look for capital funding to refurbish the building to create a warm, quality and innovative facility that will offer a versatile space for the benefit of all for many years to come.


The reconditioned building will be used by the community for education and training, social activities, leisure pursuits, information centre, soft play and a place of worship. To date funding has been secured to commission a full structural survey, a heating and energy assessment, VAT and tax advice for CCDT, Grade II listing advice and governance and business planning for the facility.


During 2016 a full consultation on future use for the building will be undertaken with the local community, partners, stakeholders and Chichester residents and the result of these findings will be used to produce full architect’s plans for the future development of the site

Grayingwell Chapel wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) has received £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) which marks the start of an exciting project: the renovation and repurposing of Graylingwell Chapel into a warm, inviting, multi-purpose space that will serve the community both at Graylingwell Park and Chichester for decades to come.

Thanks to the initial start-up fund from Heritage Lottery Fund, this project can now begin. With the HLF funds CCDT:

·         Has established a chapel steering group to take this project forward. The group is made up of volunteers from the community and is designed to represent the wider Chichester community’s interests. 

·         Will engage and consult with residents, young people, partners, future funders and those currently or intending to use the building to get their views on what the building will look and feel like.

·         Is organising visits for the steering group to similar projects in order to learn from them

·         Will develop a management and maintenance plan for the chapel

·         Give training to staff, volunteers and board in the management of a heritage building

Graylingwell Chapel, as part of Graylingwell Hospital, has a fascinating history. Graylingwell Hospital, formerly known as the West Sussex County Asylum, has had a significant impact upon Chichester’s local community throughout the last century. In its day, as a medical institution, Graylingwell Hospital was at the forefront of mental health treatment in the UK and the development of psychiatry in the 20th century. Graylingwell Chapel played an important role for the community at Graylingwell, not only spiritually, but as a performance space for community singers and the percussion band.

The architect of Graylingwell Chapel, Sir Arthur Blomfield, was a prolific church architect and the chapel has the feel of a parish church. However, the chapel was never consecrated but designed to be a place of reflection and safety for staff and patients of all faiths. It is not hard to imagine that patients who attended chapel services welcomed a different experience to daily life on the ward. Commenting on the award, Clare de Bathe, director of CCDT, said:

“We are thrilled to have received the support of the start-up fund from the Heritage Lottery Fund. We are going to make the most of this amazing opportunity; we want to save the building and heritage of Graylingwell Chapel for future generations. Graylingwell Chapel will not only be a wonderful community venue for Chichester, but will also be a fascinating place to visit.”


Heritage Lottery Funded

Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) has received £14,500 from the Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) to employ a project organiser to oversee the next phase of the planning and start up and to work with local conservation specialists/ architects to undertake: A measured survey and detailed scheme drawings, including full plans for future use; a fully-costed schedule of works; Heritage and Conservation statements/plans for the redevelopment of the building to a multi-purpose community facility. This will provide the skills and expertise to the CCDT team to develop the proposals identified, to develop the design and plan of the building and to provide the necessary capacity through the project organiser to take forward the fundraising strategy to HLF and other potential funders.


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Future facilities at the chapel could include:


  • The Chapel (capacity 500 standing) with stage
  • The Chapel 250 seated with stage
  • Meeting annex
  • Lobby area for displays and information
  • Kitchen with serving hatch
  • Toilet facilities
  • Storage area
  • Chapel Green a green area of grass and mature trees for break-out activities and small community activities

Parking is limited and visitor parking is available at The Lodge and in the local vicinity. Chichester Community Development Trust is committed to encouraging a low carbon and green lifestyle; please consider organising car sharing or using the city’s trains, buses, bicycle paths and walking routes to minimise the impact of car travel on the local environment.


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