Unlocking I.T. – unlocking talent*

Unlocking I.T. – unlocking talent*

CCDT’s weekly Internet Cafés at Roussillon Park and Graylingwell Park are changing lives as they help people to improve their IT skills.  The Internet Café is open everyone…whether you live right here or not!

“The Internet Café has opened up a whole new world for me.  It helps keep me busy and informed and my mind active.”

The Internet Café was set up thanks to a partnership with Chichester City Council and funding through the District Council’s New Homes Bonus. With the funding, we bought laptops and printers, and installed Wi-Fi at our two community venues (the Community Hall, Roussillon Park and The Lodge, Graylingwell Park).

At first we weren’t sure how to deliver IT training so we organised development, consultation and pilot sessions.  Feedback from community members included wanting to work at their own pace, bringing tech from home, and wanting one on one support that you can’t get on a course.

The result was that we decided to set up an Internet Café in both locations run by an experienced, friendly and well-liked tutor Derek Hedicker – no need to book, simply turn up and use our equipment or bring your own. The sessions are completely free. Some people come to one session and some to both!

  • Tuesdays @ the Community Hall, Roussillon Park, 2-3.30pm
  • Fridays @ The Lodge, Graylingwell Park, 1-2.30pm


It’s not only a great way to gain more confidence using iPad’s, tablets, laptops and other technologies, but also to meet new people and be supported by a great tutor.

But don’t take our word for it – see what the Internet Café learners say:

“I came with no knowledge of using a laptop and I am in my sixties but now I can even support my grandchildren!”

“As a workshop, rather than a more formal class, the one to one instruction is excellent. Progress on an individual basis can be made each week under the personal guidance of the tutor who has very good skills. This allows each student to pursue his or her own subject as they please”

“I am finding the course very helpful in my retired state to get help with problems that come up with my tablet and laptop.”

“I have found the Internet Café sessions very informative. For someone with no previous experience the tutor has taken a lot of trouble to help and support me and has given me immense confidence.”

 “The social aspect of the course is great and meeting nice people is fantastic”

About Derek Hedicker

Derek has been working across the district for a number of years. He helps CCDT and many other organisations and charities with IT support and also delivers courses and training. Visit his company website for contact details: ComputerWorks-uk

* Unlocking talent is key to enterprise…one of our values:

“We think enterprise is the best way to transform lives. We want to unlock the talents of our community members, support entrepreneurial ventures and create valuable partnerships and collaborations.”