You are currently viewing “There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth” (Nietzsche)

“There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth” (Nietzsche)

A sense of community can be helped by a feeling that you know those around you, the people working for you, the issues and what is going on.  That is exactly what can be gained by subscribing to CCDT’s new Insider newsletter.  It will do just as its name suggests – empower you to become a real insider to the people and organisations that the CCDT works with.

Created and edited by the indefatigable CCDT volunteer, Mike Pickering, the bi-monthly newsletter will monitor the build project that is underway, the development of Graylingwell chapel; draw profiles of the volunteers that mobilise the work that the Development Trust delivers; and provide background information relating to CCDT projects such as the Men’s Shed and Keepers’ Green Community Garden.

“The Insider is a simple concept – a means of informing residents about the many aspects of CCDT activities involving adults, youth and children, the environment (Park, Wildlife Refuge and gardens), the facilities managed on residents’ behalf and those activities engaging the wider community. Each issue will comprise five articles describing different activities and/or the special people involved with them,” comments Mike Pickering.

Those interested in subscribing to the newsletter are invited to do so online here