Graylingwell Chapel

Blomfield Drive, Graylingwell Park, Chichester, PO19 6BZ

Graylingwell Chapel is a beautiful chapel that is Grade II listed and in desperate need of repair.

Graylingwell Chapel is one of the community buildings that Chichester Community Development Trust looks after on behalf of the community.  CCDT, with its partners, will redevelop, refurbish and rejuvenate Graylingwell Chapel into a warm, inviting, multi-purpose space that will serve the community both at Graylingwell Park and Chichester for decades to come. 

“Graylingwell Chapel will play an essential role in our community here. It is part of the identity and history of the area and the success of this project will impact on the sense of community for people living locally and have a positive impact on the local economy.”
– Clare de Bathe, Trust Director

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