The next 10 years: our raison d’etre

The next 10 years: our raison d’etre

We are really proud to have finalised our 10 Year Vision, which sets out the all-important raison d’etre for Chichester Community Development Trust and how we are going to reach our goals. To all the residents living at Graylingwell Park and Roussillon Park, and everyone who has an interest in Chichester and its future, we hope you find it interesting and inspiring reading. Please do get in touch with any comments:

  • CCDT is working towards providing enterprise, education, training and employability for residents of all ages

  • CCDT is working towards the provision and management of social facilities which promote community development through healthy lifestyle activities and interest groups, including a community garden, care for wildlife, social and family gatherings

  • Within CCDT there will reside the low-carbon lifestyle ambition upon which the developments were founded and which is necessary for 21st century Chichester.

Our grateful thanks to our dear friend and trustee, Richard Shord, for inspiring and driving the idea of setting out the plans so clearly. Richard sadly passed away shortly after the plans were completed and signed off by the board of trustees and management group. He was incredibly generous with his time, expertise, insight and guidance.

Download our 10 year vision