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CCDT’s Five ways to wellbeing during coronavirus

There are five key elements that are said to help us maintain a strong mental and physical health and at CCDT we have looked at how we can take on each one in these challenging days of self-isolation. Please do share your ideas so that this can grow and build.

Connect: Whilst we can’t connect physically with friends and loved ones, we can still keep in contact with phone calls, skype, messaging, zoom.  Keeping in touch – hearing someone’s voice or seeing their smile helps us to feel connected and supported.  We have been inviting loved ones over for virtual dinner and coffee breaks – why not eat and enjoy a glass of something at the same time whilst catching up with friends and family – lay a place at the table for a laptop or phone and dial them in. It really does work.

We are also finding ways to bring our entertainment, lessons and activities to you in a virtual form – a chance for us all to get together and enjoy shared experiences – live quiz nights, stand-up (or sit down in front of a computer) comedy nights, and online workhops and lessons. Please keep a look out and follow our social media to find out what will be available (facebook, Instagram and twitter). More information coming shortly.

Be Active

Take a walk, get out in the garden, do an online exercise/yoga class.  Keeping our bodies moving really helps support our immune system and is vital to support our mental health.  Put on some music that you love and dance.  There are also plenty of online workouts or exercise classes.  Joe Wickes is providing a free to view work out every week day morning from 9am on his YouTube channel – why not start the day with a little exercise to help keep spirits up. The team at CCDT are seeing how long they can keep this up each day.  If you would prefer a slower start there are fun options for people of all ages on his channel.

Take Notice:

Taking notice of what is around us can help reduce our stress levels. Thankfully the seasons are on the point of changing and the flowers and trees are starting to return to spring colours.  The birds are beginning to nest and sing, we can even hope that the sun will start shining!  Why not draw, photograph or paint what you see – a flower, a tree. Channel that inner Monet!  We would love you to share what you created – take a picture and mail it to us here, and we will start an online gallery of your work on our website! 

Learn something new:

We are in the process of building a programme of courses and entertainment from local suppliers, many of whom have and will again provide lessons in our community venues. Now is the time to try out something you’ve always wanted to but never had the time for until now! Keep an eye on our Virtual What’s On & social media for news of online sessions as we announce them.   Or why not try a new recipe, find a new card game or research your family tree!  There are lots of creative projects that can be done, with tutorials on YouTube.  Read a book, write a book, write a poem.

Whilst children can’t go to their grandparents they can support the home schooling – why not have primary children skype/facetime a grandparent or relative each day to read them a book, get a spelling or times table test.  The children and grandparents will love the routine and sense of purpose.


The way that communities are coming together and supporting each other is the absolute light to have shone throughout this unsettling and difficult time.  At CCDT we have created a support group for those living at Graylingwell Park, Roussillon Park & Keepers Green (for more information please contact us here), but there are many, many more around the region and beyond. If you are feeling well enough then volunteering your time is a great way to keep spirits high as we all feel the pressure of isolation. 

Whilst we understand that both the pressure of isolation and immense fears many will have about the future of their finance or jobs may feel overwhelming, it is so important at this time that we care for our mental and physical health to see us through this extraordinary passage of time, and that of others if we are able.  Please do let us know of any additional support or content you would like us to provide at this time and we will do our level best to deliver it.