Graylingwell Chapel

Graylingwell Chapel

Graylingwell Chapel is a beautiful chapel that is Grade II listed and in desperate need of repair.


This year Graylingwell Chapel will become one of the community buildings that Chichester Community Development Trust looks after on behalf of the community.  CCDT, with its partners, will redevelop, refurbish and rejuvenate Graylingwell Chapel into a warm, inviting, multi-purpose space that will serve the community both at Graylingwell Park and Chichester for decades to come.


This presents a rare opportunity to develop a new vision for Graylingwell Chapel; one that builds on the chapel’s character and heritage, fulfils the needs of the community and secures the chapel’s future.


Clare de Bathe, Trust Director,

“Graylingwell Chapel will play an essential role in our community here. It is part of the identity and history of the area and the success of this project will impact on the sense of community for people living locally and have a positive impact on the local economy.”


The Journey has begun…


So far, with grants from Heritage Lottery Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund, we have consulted the local community and potential partners, hired an architect and project organiser and we are heading towards a big application for funds of £1 million +.


Learn more in the grant tabs – Architectural Heritage Fund and Heritage Lottery Fund



Explore and learn


We are building up a library of information about Graylingwell Chapel.


You can learn more about the chapel and its role in Graylingwell Hospital through the following booklets:


News from the blog
  • Once formalities to transfer ownership of Graylingwell chapel are complete work will start in earnest to deliver a community hub that truly reflects the size and diversity of the Graylingwell community. Respectable community facilities have been a long time in coming. It is six years since I moved to Graylingwell and the success of the community......

  • It is a massive confidence boost to see how well the plans have done down with local residents from Chichester.  It was a fantastic turnout. ...

  • After careful deliberation, Chichester Community Development Trust is pleased to announce that Adam Richards Architects has been selected as the architect for the first phase of the development work of Graylingwell Chapel....


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