Fighting fatigue and finding fitness

Fighting fatigue and finding fitness

Finding a way to completely relax body and mind is no easy task in today’s world. With personal pressures and never-ending news of uncertainties it can seem tempting to take a holiday from your own mind. Find a place for a little mental peace and quiet. It turns out there is a way to do just that right here in Chichester…

Heike was in search of a mindful mini-break having suffered from chronic fatigue when she discovered Tai Chi back in 1992. A discovery that has revolutionised her world ever since, taking her from exhaustion to energised fitness. So much so, she began teaching in 2001, was fully qualified in 2005, and is now coaching the people of Chichester and the surrounding area how they too can benefit.

Tai Chi is not just about relaxation. It enables those regularly practising it to achieve significantly greater focus in all that they do – to achieve better levels of concentration, brought on in part by the relaxed approach it provides.


“I felt I was hitting rock bottom when I first gave Tai Chi a try. I couldn’t relax and my fatigue was punishing. Tai Chi provided me with a way to ground myself, building myself up again. It can be surprising to discover that the more you relax, the stronger you can become. Knowing your body better. Moving with greater awareness. The first session leaves you feeling better. Different. As you go on and refine the skills it provides a really sustained feeling of improved mental and physical health.”

– Heike 

 Heike’s sessions in Roussillon Park’s Community Hall are for people of all ages, abilities and fitness. Individuals can each take the class at their own pace under expert guidance and tuition. Tempted?  Heike so believes in the benefits of Tai Chi she is inviting you all to free taster sessions throughout February and March – simply contact her, book in and see what you think. We’re confident you’ll be back!  Find out more by clicking on our Chichester Development Community Trust What’s On page just here.


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