Volunteering turned Emma’s life around

Before volunteering, I didn’t have much confidence.


Emma, who lives at Graylingwell Park, is now CCDT’s Bookings Administrator Emma describes what a difference volunteering made to her life:

I came out of school with Ds, Es and Fs in my GCSEs and had three children when I was young. I had no confidence because I lacked computer skills and formal training. As soon as my youngest son was at school, I asked if I could do anything to help CCDT because I had been so impressed and inspired by the work they were doing at Graylingwell Park.  Jane, the Community Development Officer, asked me to do a couple of hours a week in the office doing data inputting and sometimes making and delivering flyers.  When the Bookings Administrator job came up, I didn’t think I would be good enough to get the job but Jane encouraged me to apply, and well, I was rung up later that evening and told I had the job if I wanted it! Well of course the answer was yes!  The feedback they gave me was that my ideas, enthusiasm and aspirations for developing the community at Graylingwell Park and Roussillon Park impressed them and also matched their aspirations and so I was the clear winner out of the candidates. I have to say, if it wasn’t for Jane giving me the confidence to go for the job, I never would have made that step.  She believed in me.  Since then, I’ve completed a few courses and am more confident than ever.


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