Car Parking – your views

Thanks to the excellent (42%) response to the Roussillon car parking questionnaire, to which residents on every road here responded, our directors will have the benefit of some really valuable evidence of residents’ opinions on this complex subject. 

The original design concept of RP included a strong predisposition towards reducing private car ownership; the car club (Co-Wheels) and the closeness of public transport were two vital elements of this, and the relatively small space devoted to car-parking was another.  We all bought in to this when we moved here, and as neighbours begin to collaborate with each other, as garages begin to be used for cars rather than stuff, and as multiple car-ownership declines, so the problems will inevitably reduce.  Through your considerate and safe use of roads and parking spaces, we could avoid the use of a commercial parking management company.

Thank you to all residents who took the trouble to complete the questionnaire and post it back to us.

Roussillon Park Management Steering Group.  December 2018