Outdoor fitness space

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor fitness classes

If you wish to use Chichester Community Development Trust’s open spaces for personal training or to run group fitness sessions you must be licensed by Chichester Community Development Trust. We license operators to ensure that:

·        the park and areas are protected and maintained

·        access to and use of public open space is preserved for all residents and visitors

·        park visitors can benefit from, enjoy and engage in fitness training in a variety of outdoor environments

·        fitness operators hold appropriate qualifications (based on industry best practice), and are insured.

Spaces availability

·        Havenstoke Park, Graylingwell Park

·        Chapel Green, Graylingwell Park

·        The Cricket Field, Keepers Green

License costs

·       From £40 per month for One to One Sessions only (no group sessions – Fees are subject to the amount of sessions booked per month)


·       From £80 per month for One to One & Group Sessions (Fees are subject to the number of sessions held each month and size of the group classes)

Social distancing

All training sessions on Chichester Community Development Trust land must abide to the latest government guidance on social distancing.

If you wish to apply for a license please complete the application form below and email it/drop it back to us.