What we do

Community Development at Roussillon Park

The community at Roussillon Park is growing steadily and new friendships and links are being made constantly. We have had many exciting times since the launch of the Community Hall at Roussillon Park. The Hall goes from strength to strength and gives us the platform to develop and deliver a great programme of events to residents of both Roussillon Park and Graylingwell Park and indeed the wider Chichester community.


There is also an excellent under 8s play park outside the Community Hall, which encourages young families to come outdoors and meet friends. It was built in 2014 and has been well used since.


We encourage residents to organise their own events, classes and clubs and the CCDT team can support these by creating flyers and or marketing these events in our quarterly What’s On publication. The What’s On is delivered to all the occupied homes both at Roussillon Park and Graylingwell Park.


The Community Hall has enabled local people to deliver new sports, fitness, children’s and other classes to a wider audience. The reasons for hiring the hall are varied and whilst some groups are private, most want us to help develop the class’s client base and advertise the new service or group. The hall has been used for yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Rugby Tots, WI meetings, Qi-Gong, Jiggly Wrigglers and craft events to name just a few. The Community Hall has also become a well-known and regularly-used venue for local organisations holding meetings and delivering training courses and, of course, it is a wonderful, economical option for residents hosting their own events. The best news is that the income from hiring the hall is now covering the costs of running the hall. This means we are able to offer Roussillon Park Residents’ Association several hours of free hall hire a year, which is a wonderful position to be in.

The Chichester Community Development Trust also hosts regular events including the Homework Club and Community Café. The Community Café runs weekly with the aim of making the community development officer and the work CCDT does more visible and if anyone has an idea, question or needs information you know where to find us.


We have been working on building partnerships to create new and exciting opportunities for residents at Roussillon Park. The contacts made include Hastoe (housing association), Jenny from Zero C Marketing suite, Roussillon Park Residents’ Association, Sarah Hughes, a Wildlife Officer for the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group, and also local Pcso Karen Turrell.

The Community Hall offers community groups, residents and individuals a purpose built, high quality facility which is affordable and accessible. If offers a space for the community to get together and try new pursuits and develop their skills

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