What we do

Community Programmes

We work to create a setting where people of all ages are interested and engaged in their local community. We help community groups make their ideas a reality by providing leadership and support. We set up partnerships with local groups that create opportunities and improve quality of life for residents. We organise activities that are free or affordable and aim to encourage our community to meet up, learn and have fun. We aim to be led by the community and always love hearing new ideas for the future.

Meet our Community Development Officer

Angie Bacon

Hello, I'm Angie, the community development officer for Roussillon Park. My job is to support the community, helping you or your community group to make the changes you wish to see, creating volunteering opportunities and building partnerships that bring diverse opportunities to the community.
Community Development at Roussillon Park
Community Development at Graylingwell Park
I have been working to enthuse the younger generation on the importance of biodiversity and how we all can assist nature.
Without CCDT, the community wouldn't have developed in the way it has.
The way the community came together to complete The Lodge was a rewarding and memorable moment.

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