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Community Garden

A new permanent community garden is planned. We will announce the plans as soon as we can.


The temporary community garden, which was located near the Chapel in Graylingwell Park, was a huge success.  The garden was open to any resident of Graylingwell or Roussillon Park who loves gardening, wants to learn more about gardening or just wants to enjoy the garden.

By Saturday morning, the kids are itching to get out of the house to the communal garden.

The community benefitted enormously from having a shared space and shared objective in the garden.  Generally, it was a hive of activity with around 20 children and their parents volunteering and catching up over coffee. Thanks to the garden, everyone knew one another – whether young or retired – which can make community members feel safer.


In July 2014, the gardeners welcomed judges from the RHS Britain in Bloom campaign who were assessing the garden for the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ category.  The community gardeners were awarded Level 5, the top award, for their thriving garden, excellent community participation and environmental responsibility.

In the winter we brought a camping fire and heated up soup made from the pumpkins we had harvested.
Mum, we’re gardening on Saturday, aren’t we?’ my sons ask every couple of hours. By Saturday morning, they’re itching to get out of the house to the communal garden. Once there, they go to the kids’ club, run by Jo on the garden’s committee. While they tend to their own vegetable patches and check out their bug hotel – a shed-like structure full of twigs for ladybirds and beetles – I look at the committee’s list of chores and get stuck in with digging or weeding.

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