Who we are
Our vision, mission and values reflect who we are, what we are trying to do and how we want to do it. They form a key part of our strategy and are central to the way we work and our culture.

Our Vision

Helping you create a bright future for your community


Chichester Community Development Trust puts creativity and entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of its work in the community.


Working across the district, the Trust empowers people by developing skills and supporting projects that create local opportunities, employment and community spirit.


The Trust owns and manages community buildings and land, safe-guarding these important spaces for the community, and reinvesting profits to create long-term economic, social and environmental benefits.

Our Values

Enterprise for all

We think enterprise is the best way to transform lives. We want to unlock the talents of our community members, support entrepreneurial ventures and create valuable partnerships and collaborations.



We are quick to act and make the most of a bright idea or opportunity.



We listen to your views and wishes for the community. If you want to improve your community in some way, we can help you succeed.



We are friendly, fun and passionate about community.



We believe everyone can play a part, regardless of background, wealth or age.



We like to come up with fresh ways of thinking, doing and achieving.



We respond to change and priorities, and are resilient for the future


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