Who we are


Chichester Community Development Trust is a charity and was set up in 2009.

Development Trusts are organisations that are:

  • Community based, owned and led
  • Engaged in the economic, environmental and social development of the community
  • Independent but work in partnership with other private, voluntary and public sector organisations
  • Self-sufficient and not for private profit

Differing from many other development trusts, CCDT was established as a requirement of the sale of Graylingwell Hospital to Linden Homes and Affinity Sutton.


From its first days, Chichester Community Development Trust worked hard to represent the needs of the new Graylingwell community, took responsibility for planning and negotiating for community buildings and led on the development of a sustainable community. Thanks to its success in these initial stages, CCDT was asked to represent the new community at Roussillon Park after the sale of the old barracks in 2010.


Since then, Chichester Community Development Trust has ensured the successful completion of two community buildings and delivered many community-building projects.


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